Are you wondering if there is a women’s group that is different than all the other women’s groups?  One that doesn’t become one more thing you “have to” do?  One that doesn’t make you bring anything, volunteer, or prepare something in advance?  One that doesn’t send you on a guilt trip if you miss a meeting? One that gets to the heart of what women really need?  One that gets REAL?

Working Women of Faith is that “different kind of women’s group” you’ve been desiring.

It’s a place to take off the “mask” and connect with a community of other women who choose to invest in themselves and get real about who they are and how they want to do faith, work, and life.

Working Women of Faith is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help women of faith get real.



Real Women in 
Real Community pursue a 
Real God, develop a 
Real Faith & discover their
Real self, so they can live a 
Real life and have a 
Real impact on the world around them.

Who is a Working Woman of Faith?

WWOF recognizes that ALL women of faith are working women, whether that work takes place in the home, outside of the home, volunteering at your kid’s school, or even in your place of worship.  We do not differentiate between the type of work being performed.  Yet we know that once a woman enters the workplace outside of the home, she enters new territory.  We’re here to help you navigate that territory in a way that honors God, and be real about every area of your life, work, personal and your faith walk.

It doesn’t matter what type of work you engage in outside of the home.  From Burger King to the Board Room; part-time to full-time; just starting your first job, re-entering the workforce, or working through your retirement years; we are here to provide the guidance and support you need.

We provide select resources, engaging conversations, biblical guidance in workplace and life dilemmas, and overall support to the largely over-looked segment of the faith population: The Working Woman.

Our prayer is that you will be encouraged, equipped, and emboldened as you Get Real!

Keep on!

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CHANGE TO: You can also check us out on Facebook @workingwomenoffaith for more information on how this movement is helping real women like you get real!