Doing Good in the World

95% of our clients are non-profit organizations. We didn’t decide to serve that market when we started E5I. However, we did decide that we wanted to work with organizations and individuals who were doing good in the world. That intentionality led us to an under-served market in the e-learning and educational design space: non-profit organizations. This means that we get to work with people doing good in the world and serve an overlooked market segment. And in a very small, behind the scenes way, we feel like we get to be a part of the good they are doing. 

Some of our clients are in the faith space, some are in the prison system, some work with business owners and others with high school students. But one of the things they have in common (besides being non-profits and doing good in the world) is that they knew they needed to use e-learning in their organization.

But why? Why did they see the need to step into a space most non-profits don’t enter into? And why would a non-profit event need e-learning and educational design? Glad you asked!

5 Reasons Why Non-Profits Need e-learning.

1. They have limited human and capital resources.

Most non-profits have lean staffs and tight budgets. So finding ways to streamline are crucial. E-learning and good educational design can streamline and maximize their resources while providing engaging programs and training both internally and externally. If they are doing any training or learning that has to be repeated, e-learning can save save them time and money through automation while maintaining high quality resources. This means that more time and money can be used to fulfill the mission. 

 2. They need to train (and engage) volunteers.

If volunteers are a part of the non-profit’s mission, then e-learning and educational design can not only help train volunteers but also keep them up-to-date on changes and new initiatives. They can do all of this without having to hire additional staff, or spend money renting space to conduct training. 

3. They have employees (and board members).

Just as using e-learning can streamline the training of volunteers, non-profits can use it to onboard and develop their employees, store policies and information, and even train their board members. (Imagine being to see if the all the board members reviewed information prior to the meeting!) 

4. They can’t be everywhere at once.

If a non-profit has programs that reach across states or even the globe, using e-learning can bring their mission to the people faster. They can train “the boots on the ground” no matter where they are. And with the proper platform they can do it in multiple languages as well. Many non-profit organizations felt the impact of not being able to travel or meet in person due to the pandemic restrictions. The successful organizations see the value of making the switch to e-learning permanent and better so the mission won’t be disrupted again.

5. They want to do good in the world.

At E5I we believe that every problem in the world can be solved with education. That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. In order for non-profits to do their good in the world, engaging, intentionally designed, education is essential.  E-learning just makes it easier to bring the education where it is needed so more good can happen in the world. 

Imagine the Possibilities

If you are part of a non-profit, either because you work there, volunteer, or financially support it, imagine what e-learning and educational design could do for the organization?

  • Imagine what could be accomplished if you had more time and resources.
  • Imagine being able to have more time and money for the mission.
  • Imagine having a well-trained and engaged volunteer workforce.
  • Imagine being able to expand your impact exponentially.
  • Imagine being able to do more good in the world and do it faster.
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