You do not need to be in the room to make money and serve your clients!

E5I can centralize and monetize your training content and offerings, giving you more time and your clients more value.  We provide affordable options for trainers and consultants to expand their footprint and help more people.

 The E5I Platform allows you to leverage your content and training in a digital, ready to use format that provides a great learner experience.  E5I will guide you to create learning paths for your various client’s needs, including on-demand and in-person elements, webinars, videos, assessments, certifications, and more! Our reporting functions will give you insight to track your clients, courses, and promotions.

 Our robust e-commerce allows you to monetize additional training and courses and drive more learning and value to your clients and attendees. Sell courses, tickets to your events, subscriptions, follow-up promotions, books and other products all on the E5I Platform.

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