The 5 “E”s of the E5 Institute is our golden formula for accomplishing our mission.  We use the 5 “E”s in our client journey, curriculum evaluation, content creation, and learner experience.  They are the steps of a universal journey to Learn. Grow. Go!

The 5 “E”s are our Mission.

Our very mission is built upon the 5 “E”s:

Engaging learners with vibrant learning and effective training.

Establishing better learning outcomes & learner experiences.

Equipping Faith-focused organizations with learning solutions.

Empowering them to scale and mobilize their mission.

Expanding their impact for good and God in the world.

The 5 “E”s for our Clients

For our clients, it is our phased approach for taking our clients from start to finish and beyond!

First, we engage in discovery sessions with our clients and their key team members to uncover and explore all that they have and want to create in order to mobilize and expand their mission.  We listen to their dreams and struggles.  We review their content and curriculum.

Next, we establish a Roadmap that takes them from where they are today, to where they want to be 5 or 10 years down the road.   We look at their organization like a business, and their learning as an integral part of their operations and customer offerings.

Once the Roadmap is in place, we equip our clients to with the gifts and talents our team brings to the table, so we can co-create the learning solutions that will make their dreams a reality.

Then it’s tie to empower our clients to put the roadmap into action through our content and asset creation, and delivery platform creation.  This is undoubtedly the longest leg of the journey, but equally crucial to fulfilling the mission.

Finally, with all the pieces in place, we launch our clients to expand and mobilize their mission like never before.

But our work doesn’t end there!  Part of that expansion includes having us as their training and support partner for years to come.  We make sure the roadmap is continually evaluated, adjusted and implemented according to schedule.

The 5 “E”s for our Learners

Our E5I methodology is our proprietary blueprint for learners to Learn. Grow. Go!

Both our curriculum evaluations and learner experience take learners on a journey that takes learning from head knowledge to application and action.

Engage-Engage in the Topic Overview

Establish-Establish the Basic Truths of the Topic

Equip-Equip the Learner with Tools to Practice the Topic

Empower-Empower the Learner to Display Mastery of the Topic

Expand-Expand the Learner to Implement the Topic  Beyond Themselves

So whether you are a client or a learner, the 5 “E”s of E5I can help you to Learn. Grow. Go!

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