Why We Do It

At E-5 Institute, we believe that learning should be engaging, effective, and tailored to your unique goals.

We are dedicated to our mission of helping organizations institute instructional design, and learning solutions that mobilize and expand their mission.

Our Expertise

With years of experience in the field, our team of instructional designers combines creativity and pedagogical expertise to design courses and training programs that drive results. From corporate training to academic curriculum development, we’ve got you covered.

Our Values

  1. Bless Others
  2. Stay Curious
  3. Create Boldly
  4. Enjoy the Journey
  5. Be the Good

Our Team

E-5I Guides

Our E5I Guides shepherd you to explore your impact objectives, capture your ideas into a learning solution, and create a roadmap to “make it happen Captain”.

E-5I Creatives

Our E5I Creative Team has it in their DNA to map out and develop vibrant content and build “crazy good” digital assets.

E-5I Tech Gurus

Our E5I Tech Gurus identify the learning software solutions you need to get back to the future and make learning fun and freaky easy.

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Why We Do It


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