Who We Serve

Non-Profit Organizations

We serve non-profit organizations who use learning as part of their programming or as offerings to accomplish their mission to do good in the world.

For-Profit Organizations

We assist with employee on-boarding, training and development, customer and vendor education.


We also assist individuals with creating their dream online course and support them in maintaining and troubleshooting

Case Studies

Labouré Society


The Labouré program has been around since 2001, helping men and women enter into their vocational calling for the church. In 2010, they built a training manual and classroom training model to train these individuals in a more structured and consistent way. In 2020, they realized they could grow and build this model to serve more people, but weren’t sure how to do that.

As a programming team of two, The Labouré Society staff were spending a lot of time leading training sessions, and it was holding their business back from serving more people. They needed to build something that could replicate what they do, something that could scale with their business and expand their mission and service without sacrificing the integrity of the program.

The Solution

The Laboure Society engaged with the E5 Institute to help find a solution to their challenges.

Our team developed an online, multi-level training program with visuals, audio, and interactive elements to help The Laboure Society scale their business, engage trainees in new and exciting ways, and allow staff to spend more time one-on-one with aspirants.
We started with a Mobilization Roadmap, which lays out the specifics of their program and where they want it to go in the future. It includes goals and objectives as awell as a realistic timeline to meet them. We identify the learner personas, intended outcomes and even the desired learner experience. Then we evaluate the content and curriculum against those definitions and map out the best way to meet the goals with the learner at the center.

After the roadmap is complete we went to work creating engaging learning assets including, videos and animations using professional voice overs and high quality production. We created any documents, quizzes, assignments and interactive content. Everything was created within the branding and mission of the organization.
With assets in hand we helped them select the best delivery platform for their needs. In this case, an LMS (Learning Management System). This cloud based software allows them to monitor progress of the learners easily, and modify the lessons and content as needed.

Once the LMS was selected, we built out their program on it in lessons and courses with reporting and tracking. We tested, revised and then launched and supported the LMS and their program content.

The Result

The result has been dramatic.

They have been able to grow their program participants without adding additional staff. They have been able to better serve their participants and even begin to build out other models that can be monetized to bring in additional revenue and serve even more people with their mission.

Here’s what the Laboure Society program team had to say about the results: ”The difference [in our program] is truly night and day. Not only the refreshing the look and updating the assets, but it has been improved and engaged the learner in multiple ways. Allowing them to process the information better, and embrace the mission. It has also allowed our staff to spend more time with them one on one and enrich their experience and our program.”

The Labouré Society exists to provide financial assistance and spiritual support to individuals who must resolve education loans in order to pursue a vocation to the priesthood and/or religious life in the Catholic Church. Help support their mission by donating online (rescuevocations.org) or volunteering as an accountability partner.

The Redemption Project

Hear Directly from our client, The Redemption Project, about their challenge, our solution, and the result.


During the COVID pandemic, we decided to develop a Learning Management System. We partnered with E5i to bring to the Minnesota Department of Corrections our programming in a way that would increase our ability to track the learning progress of the inmates and improve the quality of our program, while at the same time reducing the time it would take to administer our project.


Working within the security guidelines of a prison system is no small task. The professional and technical expertise of the E5i team was exceptional and made what I thought would be a very long and arduous task quick and easy. The E5i team took on the challenge with ease and met all the security requirements of the state prison system. 

I have also been impressed with E5i’s expertise in how to best deliver educational material to the students. The value of our program improved dramatically due to their knowledge of best practices for educating students using an LMS.


This allowed The Redemption Project to be: the first non-profit to provide programming using the prison’s internal internet system, the first non-profit to use an LMS on that internet system, and the first non-profit program to enter the state prison system after COVID restrictions were lifted.

Not only did E5i deal with the technical aspects of developing and delivering an LMS, while at the same time improving the quality of the education we can provide, but they are a joy to work with and always willing to provide guidance and a thoughtful perspective about any challenge that arose during this process so that we could stay focused on our mission.

The Purpose Promise


The Purpose Promise and their team were about to launch into the new territory of adding an e-course for college students to their offerings. Having never launched an e-course before and offering their program to a new demographic, The Purpose Promise team was unsure about how to proceed. 


The E5 Institute provided the purpose promise team with educational design consulting services to help them achieve their goals. After a few discovery sessions with their team, E5I developed a mobilization roadmap, which defined their learner persona and intended outcomes of their course and mapped out the entire course and recommend content. They advised the PP team on best practices for the videos and interactive elements needed to make the course engaging and successful.

Once the first draft of the course was completed, E5I reviewed it and made recommendations for fine tuning the e-course. E5I continued to remain available for questions and feedback through production and into the launch phase of their e-course.


The Purpose Promise was able to successfully launch a profitable e-course as an additional revenue stream to their offerings and a way to engage a new demographic into their consulting services.

Here’s what they had to say:

“E5I provided an awesome journey. I cannot recommend them enough. They collaborated with us to design our path forward. They are so gifted, amazing listeners, and great at drilling down to the most important things we needed for our business to move into ecourse delivery and be stronger in the digital space.”

John McCarthy, President – The Purpose Promise

Student Senates Across America

Hear directly from Student Senates Across America about their experience


“When I decided to create a transferable, teachable curriculum for Student Senate in the summer of 2021, I thought it would be a snap. After all, I am a writer with more than 50 books to my credit. Soon I found that curriculum-writing requires different gifts, skills and talents than mine, and the ability to view that curriculum from the outside. I birthed and nurtured Student Senate with now, more than 20 years of teaching it. This makes it especially challenging to find folks who can balance my passion and program prejudices with professional writing so that others would be able to do what I have done.”

-Dave Racer

“There are few things more intimidating than taking the custom curriculum you’ve been teaching for over a decade and trying to document it in an engaging way. When we learned that E5i could not only write Student Senate but also create interactive learning options and a fully optimized delivery system, we couldn’t reach out fast enough.”

-Krista Coleman



“E5I took a curriculum that lived largely in the founder’s head, and formalized it into a usable, engaging, and modernized learning experience for high school students as well as developing a facilitator training for teachers to be successful in leading the class.”

-Krista Coleman

“E-5 Institute, T.J. Tison and her team of professionals spent scores of hours working with us to understand the complexities of our program. Then they created an engaging, accurate, functional curriculum and delivered it to me in a form students and facilitators find meets their needs to successfully carry out a Student Senate session.”

-Dave Racer




“Student Senates Across America now has a complete turnkey curriculum that can be sold to schools across the country.
E5 Institute is successful because they are fastidious and focused on what we, as their client, wanted, but also because they are able to deliver a product that is better than we could do ourselves.”

-Dave Racer, Founder of Student Senates Across America

“Our experience with E5i was astounding. Every step of the way, they helped us have clear expectations and led us through the process, resulting in a more marketable curriculum than we ever could have created alone. Thank you to the team at E5i that helped us take Student Senates Across America from a dream to a reality!”

-Krista Coleman

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