E5I Guide Services

Our E5I Guides shepherd you to explore your impact objectives, capture your ideas into learning solutions, and create a roadmap for you to “make it happen, Captain”.

Our E5I Guide Service is more than educational design consulting. Through discovery meetings, information gathering and research, we identify and help you understand each component of instituting learning to mobilize and expand your mission. We look at how learning fits into your bigger organizational vision and how to leverage it to reach your vision.

We create a Mission Mobilization Roadmap outlining every area and giving you the milestones and timeline to achieve your goals. You can take this roadmap and implement it yourself, or continue your journey with us and we will guide you each step of the way. Here’s everything we include in our E5I Guide Services:

  • Organizational Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Learner Personas
  • Evaluate Learner Outcomes
  • Learner/UI Experience Architecture
  • Curriculum and Content Evaluation using E5I Methodology
  • Learning Software Solutions Recommendations
  • Mission Mobilization Roadmap

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