Powerful Learning and powerful results by the E5 Institute and now Powered by Tovuti! Learn more about how E5 Institute can serve your LMS needs with our new Partnership with Tovuti LMS. 


  • Attractive and Easy to Navigate
  • Personalized Learning Paths
  • Active Learners
  • Multiple Administrators
  • Private Label Options
  • Internal, External and and Subscription Learners
  • Automated Course Enrollment
  • Scheduled Custom Report Delivery
  • Affordable Entry Point


Blended Learning

Mix eLearning with instructor-led training. Deliver instructor-led training events either in a classroom or via videoconferencing


Easily design your own certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time. Support a variety of compliance scenarios that might require a re-certification.

Video Conferencing Support

Meet with the integrated video conference. Additional support for various video conference solutions.

Rich Communication Tools

Support for Personal messages, Calendar and Teacher/student discussion forums

Cohort Community

Bring students together to build community, foster creativity, build leadership skills, and encourage greater progress.


Sell your courses via PayPal or square. Offer global discounts or coupons. Sell individual courses or offer them via a subscription payment.


Content Friendly

Build courses by re-using presentations or Videos you already have or by consuming content from web-sources.

Learning Paths

Restrict the way that courses can be completed or course content can be viewed.

Files Repository

Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.

Assessment Engine

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Extensive reporting on test results.

Survey Engines

Collect and analyze survey responses.