Helping organizations and professionals institute learning solutions to mobilize their mission and expand their impact for good and God in the world.



Solving World Problems through learning solutions that engage, establish, equip, empower, and expand.


The double helix/DNA strand is the symbol of the E5 Institute.  It represent the power of education on us as human beings.

When designed correctly, education can help us become whole, and exponentially multiply a positive impact in our lives and the lives of others.

We believe all the world problems can be solved through education.

We believe in the power of learning.

We believe learners deserve education that makes them and the world better.

We believe in learning that engages and expands our thinking and equips and empowers us to be the difference the world needs.


Our E5I Guides shepherd you to explore your impact objectives, capture your ideas into learning solutions, and create a roadmap for you to “Make it happen, Captain.”

When you don’t know how to get where you want to go, these guides with help you discover and set your course.  They’ll be the wind in your sails too.

 Your E5I Creative Team

Our E5I Creative Team has it in their DNA to map out and develop vibrant and engaging content and translate it into crazy good digital assets.

We are blessed to have a team of gifted creatives working for our clients.  They are at the top of their industries and are always at the top of their game.

Your E5I Tech Gurus

Our E5I Tech Gurus identify the learning solutions you need to get “back to the future” while making learning fun and “freaky easy”.

Guided by the roadmap for your E5I Guides, our talented team of techies implement the tools and system you need in a way that’ll blow your mind.