We often get asked what we mean in our mission by “instituting learning solutions to mobilize and expand your mission.”

The short answer? Leverage what you already have to grow your organization and its impact. If any kind of learning, training, or content are a part of how your organization’s mission is fulfilled, chances are it isn’t being leveraged to actually mobilize and expand your mission.  

That usually leads to the next question. ‘How?’ The short answer would be, allow E5I to help you. But that wouldn’t make for much of an article. The full answer is quite long and part of our consulting that builds a “what, why and how” roadmap for our clients.

While the following tips won’t get you all the way there, they will get you started down the road to leveraging learning to mobilize and expand your mission in 2022 and beyond. 

  1. Measure Your Mission Impact

This isn’t a metric kind of measurement, but rather a before and after look.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What was your model and impact before the Covid disruption?
  • How did your model and impact change during the Covid disruption?
  • What is your current model and impact?
  • What do you need to change about your model if you are going to increase your impact in the future?

If your organization, or you as a professional have not been able to make the shift from pre-Covid to the new normal, be on the lookout for our free ebook we’ll be releasing in January entitled: The Shift: How the Learning Landscape Has Changed Forever & How You Can Benefit From It.

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  1. Know Your Goal

Knowing where you want to go is crucial to accomplishing your mission. If you don’t have a future goal and strategy it’s simply wishful thinking.  

What is your mission? What are your goals and objectives to meet the mission? How many people do you want to impact? How do you want to impact them? Is your current model able to scale enough to meet your goals and impact that many people?  

It’s not enough just to have goals though. You’ll also need a strategy to execute those goals.  Every organization and professional needs a strategy.That doesn’t change when your goals revolve around learning. Without knowing where you want to go, you can’t build a plan to get there. And without a plan to get there, you never will.  

  1. Know Your Audience

Who do you serve? Knowing your audience or member or participant is key. If you don’t know who you are serving, how can you tailor your learning to meet their needs?  

Businesses create customer personas (or avatars) as they develop marketing around launching and selling their products or services. They study their ideal customers and create personas to speak to and reach. Organizations that provide learning or training need to take the same approach. At E5I we develop learner personas for our clients so that we can ensure that everything benefits the learner. These personas influence everything from the curriculum, to the platform for delivery, to marketing, to the learner experience and journey.  

How can you start to build your own learner personas?  

Start by gathering data on your ideal learners. Those who were most engaged and benefited from your offerings. Compile all the demographics, psychographics, and their pain points. From there you can begin to create a picture or persona of who you serve.  

Taking these three steps is just the beginning, but once you have that in place, you’ll be able to start leveraging your learning in ways you never imagined. Greater reach, greater impact, and greater revenues are all available to you in 2022. The question is whether you’ll take the leap. There is no neutral. You are either moving forward, or moving backward. Which will you choose?

Need a little guidance? We at the E5 Institute exist to help organizations and professionals institute learning to mobilize and expand their mission. Click here to set up an exploration meeting with one of our E5I Guides to get started towards an amazing 2022.