Helping Organizations and Professionals Institute Educational Designs and Learning Solutions that Mobilize and Expand their Impact.

Got Vision?


You have a mission to mobilize & want to impact the world with your ideas, but need help making it happen.  Where do you start?  How do you get there?

Losing Learners?


You have content, but need to make it digital and give it some “umph!” to engage learners, increase recall, and mobilize them to action.  But how?

Need Delivery?


You have no way to deliver your learning digitally, OR, you are frustrated with “cobbled together” or “stone age tools”.  What’s the solution?

You Need an E5I Guide


Our E5I Guides shepherd you to explore your impact objectives, capture your ideas into a learning solution, and create a roadmap to “make it happen Captain”.

You Need an E5I Creator


Our E5I Creative Team has it in their DNA to map out and develop vibrant content and build “crazy good” digital assets.

You Need an E5I Guru


Our E5I Tech Gurus identify the learning software solutions you need to get back to the future and make learning fun and freaky easy.

How we do it-The E5I Methodology

Our Client Process

What Our Clients Think

"I have been an end user and a customer of E-5 Institute and on both occasions was very impressed with the quality of their work as well and their professionalism. They are definitely at the top of my list for assistance when creating digital and written word for learning, training, assessments, personal development and so much more. I highly recommend you check them out, you will be happy that you did!"
"E5I helped us get our existing content live with a very short timeline and also helped make our content better. They have provided quality advice, and their commitment to faith-based objectives, and to our ministry and goals has made a difference in our success. Their experience with online learning has helped us plan future expansion to create a learning process that will scale and mobilize our members. They’re easy to talk with, too. We’re confident they bring their best energy to help our ministry and our objectives every day."
"The E5 Institute has done an amazing job for Ambassadors for Business! It has supercharged our organization and allowed us to scale in ways I’ve never imagined. Their LMS is without a doubt one of the better ones out there, and they were able to extract from me what was needed for the training for all of our leaders. Now we are able to train up leaders, on demand, online, and at their own pace and we are growing exponentially because of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you’ve done!"