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Helping organizations institute instructional design, and learning solutions that mobilize and expand their mission.

Our End-to-End Solution

How We Do It - The E5I Methodology


  • Instructional Design
  • Course & Training Audits
  • Digital Asset Creation
  • E-learning Technology Platform Selection, build and support
  • Training Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • E-Course Creation
  • Employee Onboarding Development
  • Employee Learning and Development
  • Non Profit Program Development
  • Course Authoring
  • And more!

Case Studies

Labouré Society


After the roadmap was complete. As a programming team of two, The Labouré Society staff were spending a lot of time leading training sessions, and it was holding their business back from serving more people. They needed to build something that could replicate what they do. So they scale their business and expand their mission and service without sacrificing the integrity of the program.


The Redemption Project

 “During the COVID pandemic, we decided to develop a Learning Management System. We partnered with E5i to bring to the Minnesota Department of Corrections our programming in a way that would increase our ability to track the learning progress of the inmates and improve the quality of our program, while at the same time reducing the time it would take to administer our project.”

– Dwight Tostenson,

Chief Executive Officer, President and Co-Founder

Student Senates Across America


“There are few things more intimidating than taking the custom curriculum you’ve been teaching for over a decade and trying to document it in an engaging way. When we learned that E5i could not only write Student Senate but also create interactive learning options and a fully optimized delivery system, we couldn’t reach out fast enough.”

– Dave Racer,

Founder of Student Senates Across America


The Purpose Promise

The Purpose Promise and their team were about to launch into the new territory of adding an e-course for college students to their offerings. Having never launched an e-course before and offering their program to a new demographic, The Purpose Promise team was unsure about how to proceed.


Satisfied Clients

The E5 Institute has done an amazing job! It has supercharged our organization and allowed us to scale in ways I’ve never imagined.”

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